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This is the food education we never received from our parents, schools or doctors. You need it to live a long, healthy, thriving life.

Reed B.

It was well planned, after I adjusted to the extra cooking time, I began to enjoy it. The recipes were delicious! I feel so good!

Lynette F.

Dr Hyman's program is well laid out, with great resources and support. A life changer for me, which in turn will impact my family, friends and amazing patients.

Michelle R.

I purchased Blood Sugar Solution on 3/11,read it, liked the concept & committed to do the 10 Day Detox. I shopped for 2 days & got everything I needed for the detox. I tapered off caffeine & other things as you suggested ,& began my detox on 3/17. I am morbidly obese, type 2 diabetic taking oral meds & shot daily to control the self inflicted disease of 15 years. I have never been able to eat breakfast because it made me feel ill or sleepy. I liked the idea of a morning shake The Whole-Foods protein shake is my favorite & it has made my mornings bright. The PGX granules were the most difficult thing for me to swallow, but I just did it 3x daily. I was glad to have soup,& I enjoyed my meals. By day 10 I had lost 15 pound and 17". I decided to continue the Detox until I loose my gut & 2nd butt. To date I have lost 24 pounds & 21". My blood sugar numbers went to below normal so I slowly decreased my meds & blood sugar was normal and then I stopped the shot too. My biggest thrill is I just spoke to my PCP & she okayed no meds since my levels are completely normal. I have reversed my diabetes. Clearly, this way of eating is for me and it is exciting to see how my body is reacting. I am very proud & happy to be moving in a positive direction. I will be 58 in 8 days & I will celebrate with great JOY! Thank you.

Susie G.

I would recommend this to everyone I know!! The food was excellent, the exercise felt good and the relaxation techniques were absolutely wonderful! I loved the entire experience. I thought it was going to be tough, but it wasn't.

Rosalva P.

I really loved the book and the detox. It was a fabulous emotional cleanse for me. The recipes were incredibly tasty, the daily calls were honest, motivating, and inspiring, and Dr Hyman just rocks. Thank you for including me. I know the book will be a smashing success.

Tess M.

My wife and I are both in our late 50's. Although we're both active, our weight (especially mine) had crept up over the past 10 years. I heard your story on a local news radio station and decided to investigate. I bought the book, and then bought into your theory (I'm not a science guy, but you made the scientific processes understandable even to me). When I decided to "do" the program, I pretty much had to drag my skeptic of a wife along for the ride. Getting ready for Day 1 took some work. Lots of shopping at 4 different grocery stores to get the staples, and a cart full of fresh food for the first three or four days.

Ten days later, I was down 16 pounds and my wife was down enough to be really pleased (her actual weight is a closely-guarded secret...). We were NEVER hungry and enjoyed just about every meal on the menu. The shopping became much easier, and we've really enjoyed the "together" time preparing and enjoying our meals.

We liked everything so much that we then bought the cookbook and have found a bunch of recipes we've made repeatedly. We are now in about week 6 of this style of eating. The weight continues to come off and we're discovering all kinds of foods and spices that we love.

Spring softball just started and I'm moving around like a little kid. My wife comes downstairs in the morning saying "Look! I had no chance of wearing these pants 2 months ago" and is thrilled with her progress.

Thanks for the inspiration. Everything you're saying makes perfect common sense, and we're testament to the results. Can't wait to eat all the fresh summer produce!

Chuck K

I can really see the difference in my energy levels and how I feel when I don't eat sugar. I have energy all day and don't have as many headaches. I'm really going to make a change in the amount of sugar I put into my body after this.

Shannon C.

Thank you, Dr. Hyman, for your time, research and perseverence in using food, supplements, exercise and relaxation as "medicine" to reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Beverly P.

My joints don't hurt, my energy is better, I feel brighter and more alert, I can breathe and I lost 10 pounds and didn't even feel hungry! My whole family is absolutely amazed.

Brenda H.

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